Sure Bets

Arbitrage bets, also known as sure bets, safe bets or even arbs, are those bets that can add the right gains in your pocket if it’s done correctly. Hear us out: they can guarantee a 100% success rate. This means that no matter what happens, you will win.

Our team use the necessary expertise to add the necessary info in order for you to make the right decision when it comes to sure bets. That’s why we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about arbitrage betting so that you can maximize your profit without risking your time and money. We want you to really enjoy betting without those unnecessary losses and the safest and best way to do so is to use safe bets today.

When to use sure bets?

A surebet can be used when the time is right, meaning when one of three things happens so that you get different odds from bookmakers so that you can place it. You can find arbitrages (arbs) when a bookmakers competition has overstated odds, when bookmakers can’t keep track of each other and offer different odds or when a bookmaker makes a mistake and this leads to a false odds calculation. As a result, when using them you can profit regardless of the outcome.

Seems like you can use safe bets for today or for any other day for that matter because there are so many different bookmakers with different odds online that you will always find a sure betting possibility. It all depends on the country you are from and how many of the hundreds of bookmakers you can access. But even so, you should have no problems and still find many different betting opportunities that guarantee a profit.

Free arbitrage betting software service?

You can theoretically search for the perfect arbitrage bets by yourself but it’s going to take you a lot of time and work. But don’t worry because that’s why arbitrage betting software exists, specifically to help you win without all the hassle.

BetOnValue is such an arbitrage software which can definitely help you out and give you exactly what you want and need without you having to make any kind of effort. BetOnvalue is 100% focused on arbitrage betting and it has some serious perks for bettors:
Free Account or paid membership with extra perks

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There are several options you can go here. You have access to free arbitrage software that lets you see all the standard bookmakers and lets you place surebets with just 20 minutes delay, as well as full access to the accounting system. If you choose the Silver subscription you get just 3 minutes delays and all the bookmakers, while the Gold subscription has all the bookmakers and absolutely no delay at all.
Consequently, for the free arbing software all you need to do is make an account and you can instantly start to take full advantage of the betting services and start winning right away.

How do sure bets work on Betonvalue?

First of all, there are two types of SureBets available on BetOnValue, the all-back surebets where you can win by betting on all possible outcomes or the back-lay surebets where you win by both buying and selling the same outcome.

Back-lay surebets are different than all-back surebets mainly because while the all-back bets are done by betting on different odds from different bookmakers, the back-lay ones are done with odds from a bookmaker and from a betting exchange. A back bet is betting that something will happen, while a lay bet means that you’re betting that something won’t happen. The back bet is made with the bookmaker for the first outcome, while the lay bet for the second outcome is made on the betting exchange.

The most common type of betting is on the all-back surebets. While it might seem a little bit complicated at first if you’re not a seasoned arber, you needn’t worry because BetOnValue can make all these calculations for you anyway.

This is how the process works. Let’s say there’s a tennis match between Nadal and Federer. You get 2.10 odds from Bookmaker A for Federer to win and 2.10 odds from Bookmaker B for Nadal to win (this is just an in absurdum perfect betting chance, most probably the odds will not be the exact same, but that won’t affect your sure bet winning opportunities). Let’s assume that you will bet £100 on Nadal to win and £100 on Federer to win.

So, if, for instance, Nadal wins then you will have:

  • – £100 for the bet on Federer to win
  • + £110 for the bet on Nadal to win
  • + £10 in profit

But the key to understanding how to calculate a surebet is having the answer to these two questions: how to find the right opportunity and what to bet on it.

To identify when there is an arbitrage opportunity you just add the implied probabilities of the best odds for each outcome. In order to calculate this implied probability, you will divide the odds for the outcome in decimal format by 1.

Thus, for Nadal to win at 2.10 odds the implied probability is 1 / 2.10 = 0.476 = 47.6%
In our case, the same thing happens for Federer, so you get 47.6% here too. In order to see if the opportunity for arbitrage betting is good and that a profit is guaranteed, you just add the two probabilities. Consequently, you get 47.6% + 47.6% = 95.2%. If the probability that results after adding everything up is less than 100% then it’s an opportunity to make a sure profit. The lower the value, the bigger your profit will be.

In order to calculate your stakes you will need to:

  • Calculate the implied probabilities of the possible outcomes
  • Calculate the sum of the probabilities of all possible outcomes
  • Divide #1 by #2

Therefore, for our example, you will have:
1. Implied probability for Federer at odds of 2.10 = 1 / 2.10 = 47.6% and the same for Nadal = 47.6%. So, the market total will be 47.6% + 47.6% = 95.2%. Furthermore, to calculate how much to bet on each outcome we have: 47.6% / 95.2% = 50%. Finally, if we decide to arb a total of £1000, then you will bet £500 on Nadal and £500 on Federer.

2. By placing a £500 bet on each of them, since the odds are the same, then no matter what happens, you will win in the end £500 * 2.10 = £1050, you deduct the £1000 stake and have £50 guaranteed profit.

3. Things change a bit when you choose other markets because for football you can have a 1×2 market so you will need to calculate for windrawwin or for horse racing where you can have so many horses racing towards the finish line, but the system works the same way.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about ever making these calculations (unless you want to) because BetOnValue can do them for you. Subscribe to BetOnValue today and start winning. You get 100% guaranteed a profit. For free.

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