How to be a winner with today’s horse racing tips

If you’ve decided that you want to start betting on horse racing you can’t just dive in, you need to get ready and get best horse racing tips to know exactly what you do it. As it is in all gambling forms, you need to know the rules so that you never lose money for nothing and have the best chances of winning possible.

Some people make a living out of betting on horses but in order to get there or even to get to an amateur level you need to go through this complete guide filled with the horse racing tips that apply to all horse gaming events.

To start things off you need to know terminology and all the tips that apply no matter who are the horse racing market movers on that day. After you’ve learned the things you’ll find below you can start using our tips for every single day and start winning.

First off, you need to know that there are two types of wagers, either straight wagers or exotic wagers. For beginners, the best strategy is to go for the straight ones because they are easier and cheaper. You have to pick a horse that will come in first, second or third. Exotic wagers are the ones that allow multiple bets on multiple horses in the same wager. They are more difficult and will require more skill and more money, but the payouts are much bigger.

There are four types of straight wagers:

  • Win – you bet that your horse will come in first place.

  • Place – you bet that your horse will come in either first or second.

  • Show – you bet that your horse will come in first, second or third.

  • Across the Board – you bet that your horse will win, place and show. While this one’s more expensive because it’s in fact three bets, you will win all three if he wins, two if he places and one if he shows.

There are four types of exotic wagers:

  • Exacta – you bet on two horses to come in first and second in that exact order. You can also “box” the exacta with a higher bet and be able to win no matter what the order is.

  • Quinella – you bet on two horses to come in first and second in any order. Yes, it’s the same as a boxed exacta, but the boxed exacta will bring you better payouts.

  • Trifecta – you bet that three horses place first, second and third in exact order. You can also box it to get any order but this will increase your bet extra.

  • Superfecta – you bet that four horses will finish first, second, third and fourth in that exact order. The box theory still applies.

While more expensive and more complicated to nail the horse racing results, these exotic bets are way more interesting for seasoned bettors.

Now you know how to place the bets, but how do you know on which horses to bet? This is where things split a little between the real world and the online world. While when you go to the tracks you get horse racing commentary and programs that can help you, online you get articles and here even horse racing tips for today free of charge. It’s different, but kind of the same.

Picking a horse is called handicapping because you are making an analysis and taking everything into account when picking a horse. It’s not about picking your birthday on the horse racing calendar and betting on random horses and relying on luck. Handicapping gives you more control and also raises the fun level.

There are several things to take into account to get to those horse racing expert picks:

  • Class levels: there are four race classes – maiden races, claiming races, allowance race and stakes races. When they race horses are at the same level, but during the year they can move up and down and a change in class could decide whether a horse will win or lose.

  • Past performance on that surface type: from natural dirt and grass to artificial tracks, different horses run differently depending on the surface. If he’s better on dirt and this time he’s racing on all-weather artificial you might want to reconsider.

  • History with jockey: first you check the jockey’s track record then you check to see how the jockey and the horse work together.

  • Odds: for every race and every horse you will find the odds of it winning next to it. The favourite will have the lowest odds, but there’s a 33% chance that the favourite will win it, a 53% chance for him to place and a 67% chance to show. While you might not get the biggest win by just betting on favourites, you have the best chances of never losing and slowly but steadily increasing your bankroll. When you bet €2 on a horse to win with 2-1 odds then you’ll get more than double your money and end up with €6.

Are you wondering “where can I get my racing tips” that are always on the money? Right here.

How to be a winner with today’s horse racing tips
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