Betting on horse races

Horse Racing Bet Types

Horse racing and betting on horses isn’t as easy as you’d think it is if you’ve never tried it before. It’s not that complicated either, you just need to know the rules and be able differentiate between bets and between tips. There is some strategy involved and you should be a master of the theory between you get to action. Of course, knowing everything about this sport won’t guarantee that you will win every single time, it will just improve your odds. It’s important to have a strategy in place and know what you’re going to depending on the type of race, the offers of the day, today’s accumulator and horse racing predictions. There are a couple of things you ought to know before anything else when it comes to horse racing tips:

  • NAP of the Day

While no one knows how the word “nap” came to be in horse racing, the phrase “nap of the day” refers to the tipster’s most confident tip for that day. While nothing is certain in horse racing, theoretically the nap of the day is most likely to win.

  • Accumulator Tips

An accumulator is a kind of multi-bet in which the profits from one bet will roll onto the next. If one of your bets turns out to be a loss, the the accumulator fails, but if all of them are winners, then you get a significant return. They are a popular way to bet on horses because of the potentially rewarding accumulator.

  • Lucky 15 Tips

Lucky 15 is a combination bet that’s made up of 15 elements. It has four selections that are combined into one four-fold accumulator: 4 trebles, 6 doubles and 4 singles. You can make a profit even if not all of the selections win.

  • Double Tips

One of the most popular ways to bet on horse racing, the double is a type of accumulator that’s made up of two bets but each bet must be on a different race.They often combine two high priced horses and if both of them win, then your rewards are maximised.

  • Early Value Tip

A bet is considered a value bet if the odds of the horse winning are smaller than the odds which are offered by some betting sites. The best value bets appear early, when the race market has opened, before the prices have settled. If you move fast you can get some great deals.

  • Meeting Singles

A single is the most common horse racing betting choice which you’ll surely try once you learn how to bet on horses. Basically it’s the simplest option in which you bet on a single outcome: your horse will win.

Strategy when betting on horse races

Apart from your racing tips today you also need to have a little strategy. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something very complex, but the more factors you take into account the more chances of getting it right you have every single time. So before you get your tips about horse racing you need to know all the factors that tipsters take into account and know what to look for.

  • Winning Horse

The most important thing to consider in any race is the horse’s ability. This is determined by official ratings or private ratings, or even by the fact that younger horses can improve, while older ones can deteriorate.

  • Form Ratings

Even a good horse can be out of form and not performing at its best, this is why it is required to check how that particular horse has been doing in recent outings and see if it’s doing better than its competitors or not.

  • Course

Especially at some of the UK’s quirkier tracks like Chester, Epsom or Windsor, you need to take into account if a horse has won at a course over the same distance. British racecourses all are different and you need to know in which ways they are different and plan accordingly.

  • Distance Of The Race

Some horses are better in sprint races while others are better over long distances. It’s the same with humans really, as a sprinter is definitely different than a person that runs marathons. Before betting on a horse you need to know that it will do well on the particular distance of that race.

  • Going

Not only the length of the track is important but also the kind of terrain. Most horses have underfoot preferences and one that runs well on soft ongoing isn’t going to be as good on mud.

  • Draw

In flat races, the draw is the order in which the horses line up and it can be decisive. On some UK courses, there is an advantage to racing on one part of the track, especially in shorter races.

  • Weight

When betting on handicaps, weight is vital. Higher rated horses will have to carry more weight, and smaller horses might struggle with this. If the weight is too much the horse will run too slowly.

  • Class

Class is highly important because a horse may have won it’s last to races in a lower grade, but might not do as well against higher grade rivals. The other way around if he was just downgraded he might win.

  • Trainer and Jockey

There are several factors to take into account here. Some trainers like particular races and specialise in finding winners for particular courses. They are great when they are winning and will continue to win, but when they’ve lost they might unable to start winning again which is why there are hot and cold lists. Also, some jockeys ride especially well on certain courses.

  • Fitness

Horses are in and out of form, like in any sport. Some horses do best when racing two or three times in a short period of time and others need a long time to recover after a single race.Most specialists think that a horse can only run in its top form for three races.

  • Pace Of The Race

The pace of the race is determined by the number of front runners. If you have more front runners that dominate the race from the front then they might tire each other out and you’ll get a surprise winner. On the other hand, no front runners means that everything is much slower and almost anyone can win.

Betting on horses in the UK

Ever since the 17th century horse racing has been considered a great sport in the UK and was even promoted by the royal family. Some things may have changed but one thing remains the same: UK’s love of horses and of betting. Now it’s regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, as are online casino games, thus making things even more safe and fair for bettors.

  • Newmarket racing

Newmarket is the official headquarters of British horse racing and offers two flat tracks: Rowley Mile and July Course. The Guineas Festival takes place in May on the July Course, and the July Cup is the top event. The tracks are flat with no significant draw bias.

  • Fontwell racing

The most important event of the National Hunt season at Fontwell is the Grade 2 National Spirit Hurdle that’s at the end of February. The figure-of-eight course also hosts the Southern National in November.

  • York races

York is one of the premier flat race courses in Britain that’s just under two miles. The Ebor Festival in August features the Group 1 International Stakes, Nunthorpe Stakes and Yorkshire Oaks. The Ebor Handicap is the signature race.

  • Aintree racing tips

Aintree is home to the £1 million Grand National, by far the most valuable steeplechase in the world. This is a three-day April meeting, and one of just five races that are over the famous spruce-covered fences.

  • Special Bonuses

When looking for “my racing tips” you should also check out special bonuse, such as welcome bonuses, free bets and special offers that will take you to the next level and help you out.

Responsible Betting

While betting on horse racing and watching the horses go as fast as possible is definitely fun and exciting, there’s something you should always keep in mind. Responsible betting is the key to success and you need to be very careful every time. Just because you get some great betting tips every day it doesn’t mean that you should spend all your time betting and use every tip.

Pace yourself and be very conscious of what you are doing. Only bet on your favourites like the National Hunt, or whatever it may be, or on the horses you truly like and everything should be great.

Get your tips on and bet responsibly!

Betting on horse races
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